Barrine HPC

Barrine is a High-Performance Computing cluster located on the University of Queensland’s (UQ) St. Lucia campus. It consists of 384 compute nodes with over 3000 cpu cores connected via an Infiniband network. Data storage facilities include a 92TB parallel network filesystem (Panasas) and archived storage featuring a Hierarchichal Storage Management (HSM) system and remote file mirroring. Job submission and execution is handled by PBS Professional, a commercial-grade job scheduling software.

The cluster has been funded by a variety of groups and represents a major increase in capability for UQ and its partners. Its usage is closely monitored to ensure that the entitlements of all stakeholders are satisfied. The maintenance and management of Barrine including system upgrades and configuration is handled by UQ’s Research Computing Centre (RCC).

Barrine is used by researchers from all over Australia, and also hosts Bioinformatics Resource Australia-EMBL web services & EBI FTP Mirror. Whilst bioinformatics represents a substantial amount of the work done on Barrine, there are a number of other groups including physics and mechanical engineering using the cluster.